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Monday night

HIMYM: 4x06 Baby Talk

And we're back almost being awesome! Barney accepts a challenge! (No one but me cares!) He even gave up! Lol, they should bring up that orange-shirt challenge again sometime. Or a gay challenge. I knew Ted would go after Becky, and I'm glad it didn't go anywhere serious. We should get a Robin/Becky smackdown, yes? Because Robin is so much more awesome, and thank you for Barney acknowledging. Though I don't believe Ted not liking independent Robin. As for Lily and Marshall, wouldn't their actions just cancel each other out and they'd be back at square one? Although, I'm liking the name Jamie Erickssen, so don't write it off Lily.

90210: 3x06 How Much is that Liam in the Window

Hmm, half and half?Liam showing off his half-naked body while earning money? I am ashamed, but I like. But the Laura girl is acting super stalkerish. I'm not liking Liam having to depend on her, hope the mother is the sane one. What I also don't like is the Ade storyline. Was hoping she would dump the manager, but her ambition came in the way. Not liking the way you're going, Adrianna. Though, I'm liking Ivy more and more. All the drama rained down on her, but thank you for Dixon finally being truthful about Sasha. I'd vote for Naomi getting the best story. Yay for adults joining her side! Matthews is here for the better!