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Definitely Neighbors

More Yong-sil and Woo-jin drama. I'm starting to feel pity for Woo-jin's (ex-)wife, but she's really desperate. Can't she learn to let go?! Gun-hee and and Ji-yong unfortunately seem to reach the peak of their happy dating times, 'cuz big sister is such a damper. boo.

Episode 45-46
- Ha-yong talks about the promotion with Ki-hoon, and he says he'll support her decision whether or not she accepts or refuses. Ha-yong decides to refuse it (since intuition tells her Director's hitting on her) but when she visits the Director she ends up accepting the promotion. Even she is bewildered!
- Woo-jin's wife visits Yong-sil and bribes her into leaving Woo-jin. Yong-sil is offended, but the wife still leaves the money, begging her to let Woo-jin go. Ki-hoon finds the money and Yong-sil tries to return it, but the wife refuses to meet her. Meanwhile, Woo-jin gets a call from his daughter asking him to reconcile with his wife. Ki-hoon also asks Woo-jin what his intentions are, and Woo-jin asks to trust him.
- While Gun-hee is oblivious to Ji-yong's inner turmoil as she looks for other jobs, he plans a lovely surprise (squee!) for her. He tells her he hid 12 roses in their kitchen, and if she finds all of them she'll get a prize. Ji-yong is touched (they're hidden in places where she's bound to find them during work) but can only find 11 roses. Gun-hee tells her that the last rose is in his heart, but because she didn't find it, he'll give her half the prize. He gives her a forehead kiss. (If she had found all 12 he would've given her a real kiss!)
- Ha-yong's mother finds out that Jong-min is also Ji-yong's mother when she finds the picture of Ji-yong and her daughter. Everyone notices that she's withdrawn; Ha-yong asks her father if he's done something wrong. When the father confronts the mother, she confesses that she knows everything. Furious that he never told her, and isn't planning on telling Ji-yong. Plus, Ji-yong thinks her mother is dead. (Omg, I was afraid someone would listen to this conversation and it would blow up)
- Gun-hee and Ji-yong cater a party for his senior, and bump into his mother and sister. Still not happy about his choice about choosing cooking over becoming a doctor, his mother tells him to leave as soon as possible. Gun-hee's sister has a chat with Ji-yong, demanding when Ji-yong would keep up her end of the bargain. Gun-hee overhears and tells his sister he won't break up with Ji-yong. If it will take telling his parents to get his sister to leave them alone, then he will. He brings Ji-yong to his parent's house, but she refuses to go in. She tells him that she was only using him, there's no need for her to meet his parents. As she walks away, Gun-hee shouts asks her what he should do, he loves her.