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Definitely Neighbors

Episodes 49-50

The Angst continues! Since I'm not feeling weepy, I'm tuning into more the jealous Ki-hoon/Ha-yong story. If this makes Ha-yong blurt out that she's married, then it'll be worth it. On the other hand, Sung-jae is growing up to be a better man(?) His relationship with Ji-yong isn't as antagonistic, which is great since her life is swiftly going down.

- Since Ha-yong's mother continues to avoid her husband, Ji-yong's father takes the time to consider his decisions. He visits Ji-yong's mother, asking her futilely if he should tell Ji-yong and Jong-min that they're related.
- Ha-yong finds it hard to keep her (married) life private. When her office throws her a party, she gets drunk and the director drives to her parents' home. Luckily, Ki-hoon saves her, but had to pretend to be her uncle. Ki-hoon is definitely not amused.
- Woo-jin's wife tries to win over Woo-jin by bearing gifts like food and clothes. Woo-jin finds it overbearing, and even his sister-in-law thinks it wouldn't work. (Sung-jae even runs away to Ji-yong's house to avoid her!) Meanwhile, Yong-sil opens her restaurant with success. She tells Ki-hoon that she's selling the house, so he should tell Woo-jin about the new owner.
- Ji-yong quits working with Gun-hee, so Gun-hee tries to get used to his new sou-chef. He is unhappy even while cooking, and his friend notices. Gun-hee's mother tells Gun-hee to end it with Ji-yong or end it with his parents, but Gun-hee says he can't. Meanwhile, Gun-hee's sister and Mee-jin discuss Ji-yong and Gun-hee, both feeling conflicted. Sung-jae gives Ji-yong advice about going after Gun-hee but Ji-yong just wants to make the heartache easier for Gun-hee.
- Mee-jin visits Sung-jae's mother and learns Sung-jae hasn't told her about putting off the wedding because of Mee-jin's former father-in-law. Sung-jae's mother scolds Sung-jae since the former father-in-law shouldn't delay the wedding. Mee-jin brings Sung-jae to visit her former in-laws, and they discuss the inheritance for Mee-jin's son, making Sung-jae feel uncomfortable. He overhears Mee-jin's former in-laws suspecting Sung-jae marrying Mee-jin for her money.