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All My Love

 All My Love is a new sitcom airing on MBC, which is the same network for We Got Married. The greatest attraction for me is of course the lovely Adam Couple- Son Ga-in and Jo Kwon! Plus a whole slew of lovable actors/idols are put together for this show. Might not be great acting, but I'm excited to see Adam couple act as twins. 'Cause you know, the Hitachiin twins can't be the only twincest I'd root for. XD

Introduction/Episodes 1-3

Hwang Geum-ji (Son Ga-in) is the oldest twin of the two. Because of her small eyes, she is constantly teased about it (I see it becoming a running gag) and she obsesses about getting 1.5 million won in order to get a double eyelid surgery. Cunning and street smart, but her brother and mother steal the money she's earned. She gets into an accident with the School Director and has to work at his tutoring school in order to pay off hospital bills. She ends up living with her best friend who also works at the tutoring school, but I'd say Geum-ji is jealous of said friend's eyes. 

Hwang Ok-yub (Jo Kwon) is the youngest twin for being born three minutes later, which is his biggest complaint. He is currently studying in order to get into college. So far he hasn't done much for the plot but agitate his sister and save him and his mother from jail by contacting the mother of his best friend which safely lands them a place to stay. He seems to know his mother and sister's personalities pretty well, though. 

Their mother, Hwang Mi-sun (Park Mi-sun, We Got Married MC) is silly and ditzy. Always scammed by others and bad at keeping up with her pyramid scheme, makes me hope she isn't the twins' real mother. Unable to pay rent, she and the twins are kicked out of their one-room apartment. When they're caught for skipping out on a food bill, she and Ok-yub get thrown into jail, and are saved by her best friend even though Mi-sun scammed her years ago. Luckily their friendship holds strong and allows the families to stay together.

Director Kim Gab-soo (played by the ever-favorite Kim Gab-soo from SKKS, Cinderella's Sister) is the director of a tutoring school, which makes him rich. Unfortunately, he's very stingy, for example they don't turn on the lights during the day at his school, as he charges Geum-ji to pay for his hospital bills when they crash into each other. It's probably in part due to the "accident" he had. (Oh Korea and your toilet humor!) His "trustworthy" sidekicks, the stiff Butler Kim (Jung Ho-bin from OB/GYN, BBF) and the skilled Secretary Jun (why, hello Jun Tae-soo the former evil student present of SKKS), put up with his antics. On the other hand, he is desperately looking for his long-lost daughter, which I'm guessing has a birthmark on her foot. 

The daughter might be Kim Seung-ah (Yoon Seung-ah from Playful Kiss), who is very kind and sweet. Also the best friend of Geum-ji, she offers Geum-ji the place she rents out with her Grandmother (Kim Young-ok from BBF, Coffee Prince, Family's Honor) from the Bang Family. Very naive, Seung-ah can't tell whenever Geum-ji lies. At her job as a janitor at the tutoring school, she is very obedient and doesn't allow Director Kim to the bathroom because of the rules. This leads to Director Kim to have a grudge on her for his embarrassing accident. Seung-ah also mistakes Doo-Joon as a pervert when she meets him. 

Yoon Doo-joon
(BEAST's Doo-joon) is the best friend of the twins, mainly Ok-yub. Recently discharged from the army, he is surprised to find that his room's been rented out to Seung-ah. Completely without a life plan, he only wants to play around. Bang Eun-hee (Bang Eun-hee from Loving You a Thousand Times) is Doo-joon's mother, thankfully explains the misunderstanding to Seung-ah and Doo-joon. Although she held a grudge for Mi-sun, Eun-hee provides her home to the Hwang family since Mi-sun did help to catch Eun-hee's cheating husband. Doo-joon's uncle is Bang Woo-jin (Yeon Woo-jin) the popular teacher at the school. With a bright personality, he eases the tension between the two families. He's so popular that Geum-ji tries to copy his teaching tactics and that Director Kim can't fire him.

Lastly, we can't forget Kim Na-young as the "sexy" teacher who tries to hit on Woo-jin and Secretary Kim. Tee-hee! Someone needs to!

The first three episodes has the set up: the main places are the Bang Household and the Kim School. Excited to see what situations they get into!