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The Big Bang Theory:

4x04 The Hot Troll Deviation

I don't know why I forgot to recap this, because this episode was awesome! Katee Sackhoff and the George Takei cameos were spectacular. I'm glad Wolowitz and Bernadette got back together, because them apart never registered. The Sheldon and Raj plot was crazy, though!

4x05 The Desperation Emanation 
Meh. Penny was glaringly missed. If she appeared, I'm sure I wouldn't have been as annoyed with desperate Leonard. Sheldon, as always, has the stellar plot. 

Vampire Diaries 2x06: Plan B
Holy shit guys, drama happened tonight! Who called the Jenna stabbing, cuz I didn't! I guessed Katherine was using Jenna somehow, (cuz the whole fake breakup thing was gonna be discovered somehow) but the lengths of Kat's plans are deep! She has back up plans for her back up plans! Shouldn't Blair be as awesome? Shouldn't Blair be as awesome? Bonnie came back -yay! Caroline had to compulse her mother- tragic. Didn't expect werewolf uncle to die so soon. Now next week is masquerade ball: Matt, please don't die!

Grey's Anatomy 7x05: Almost Grown

Good, solid episode. Heartfelt with all the gooey feelings but not enough drama for what I expect for GA. I kept cringing when the attendings kept bringing in their personal issues. I felt like laughing when it seemed like McSteamy was hitting on the Chief! lol! Too bad Torres' machinations were all for naught since her speech was not that great. Hunt's was an instant win- you knew he would win. Derek's was pretty moving, but if he's serious he can get funding anywhere. (I hope Meredith doesn't end up with Alzheimer's though.) Bailey's speech was pretty realistic, and I also wondered where the $$$ is coming from. The Grey-Grey surgery was pretty great too, and finally having Christina step up. 

Lesson 13

You know you gotta love a drama that when the usual angst period settles in, you're not annoyed by it but loving it! You love the characters and sympathize with them, wanting to console them in some way. I love Gu Yong-ha for putting aside his mask for the one person who's important to him. The tears, man! Song Joong-ki, why must you make me cry so?

Don't go. Aren't you afraid? You could die!Collapse )


You mean you're still married?!

 Definitely Neighbors: Episode 43-44

Now the episodes center on Woo-jin and Yong-sil, my second fav couple. As for Ji-yong/Gun-hee, I wish they had more dates before the roadblock angst settled in. Dear Gun-hee's sister, I though you were cool. I was going to start shipping you with Gun-hee's friend, but not anymore. Please join Gun-hee's side before I completely write you off. Sincerely, me.


- Woo-jin's ex-wife turns out to still be his wife. Depressed at having to go through the divorce processes again, Woo-jin tries to speak to his wife to get to her sign the papers. But she refuses. (God, she's annoying and stalkerish. How will he ever get rid of her!)
- Yong-sil, on the other hand, is depressed at being the "other woman." She distances herself from Woo-jin and tries to focus on her mother's memorial service and her work. She proudly stands up to Woo-jin's wife, and tell her that she'll wait until Woo-jin is divorced. Later she admits to Ki-hoon that she doesn't feel great about the situation.
- Ha-young arrives to the memorial late, hurting Ki-hoon and her in-laws. To make up for it, she apologizes and gives Ki-hoon flowers. She also tells her in-laws that it's her and Ki-hoon's decision when to have a child. Meanwhile, her Executive Director offers her a promotion. (But it really sounds as if he keeps hitting on her!)
- Gun-hee's sister finds out that Gun-hee and Ji-yong are dating and opposes it. She tells both Gun-hee and Ji-yong to break it off. Gun-hee tells her to butt out, and Ji-yong says she'll let him go (when he leaves).
- Sung-jae's mother tells him to set up a marriage meeting between the parents. The mother also asks Sung-jae if Ji-yong is dating and he tells her it's none of their business. Mee-jin tells Sung-jae that Gun-hee's sister found out, and they worry how it will turn out.

Monday Shows

 HIMYM 4x05: "Architect of Destruction"

Eh. Not the greatest episode. I kept getting confused about Cameron acting all crazy. I did laugh at everything Barney did. Legendary returns! And the swivel chair (plus cottontail)! Let's try keeping the awesomeness consistent, okay Show?

Chuck 4x05: "Chuck versus the Couch Lock"

YES, this show will not be cancelled! NBC, thanks for not overlooking your most underrated show! This week focused mostly on Casey (with the added Morgan and some Alex) which I liked. Hilarious part was Jeff and Lester saving Casey when Chuck and Sarah were at a loss. Kudos for Morgan to being a hero! 


Don't Hesitate, 'Cuz Life is Beautiful

 Or otherwise known has the Lee Sangwoo watch night.

Life is Beautiful: Episode 45-46

-What is Mother to him? -His house, his hometown.Collapse )

Don't Hesitate:  Episodes 95-96


I won't ask you to forgive me. It's something you can't forgive me for and it's something you shouldn't forgive me for.Collapse )

time for some variety!

 We Got Married: Episode 122, Aired 10/09/10


Okay, so I watch this series in cuts, because that's the easiest way to get subs, but there should be someone who does the whole thing because all the couples here are great! The Adam Couple (Jokwon and Gain) were hilarious. Kwonie was jealous as always because GaIn's type is older men. And I've seen her music video already, which is already repeating on loop in my head, so Kwonie should just be supportive. Can there be appearance on Inkigayo? Vickhun, aka Victoria and Nickhun, continue their outing with their "daughters." I'm disappointed that they're taking a family picture without f(x)'s Amber, but Nickhun got to complete his list! I hope their nicknames for each other stick. The Golguma/Sweet Potato couple were the cutest this episode yet! "Love Light" is one of my favorite CNBlue songs, and I love it even more now. These two are progressing in a slow, but steady pace. The MCs were so hilarious fangirling! Does this mean Jinwoon accepts these two?

Running Man: Episode 10, Aired 9/19/10

As for this show I can watch it together. My favorite episode yet! I have no idea who Cha Tae-hyun is, it was great to see a funny and bright side of Yoon Se-ah from City Hall. See, this is how guests should act, instead of complaining that this show is too hard. I get it's difficult and tiring to film something for 12 hours that will only be shown for 1, but we get to see the competitive and athletic side of our idols/stars. These guests were funny and really gave it their all.
I'm glad that Joong-ki's disappearance was mentioned, although I already knew previous episodes he was too busy filming SKKS. That said, I'm glad he's back! Him saving Se-ah from the punishment was his highlight. I also liked the Ji-hyo/Gary loveline, it was hilarious how awkward they were when alone! The most hilarious moment has to be when Jong-kook caught Suk-jin in the elevator! He was pushing the close button so furiously but the doors wouldn't close because Jong-kook was holding them open. ROTFL!


On a side note, I just discovered that Kim Jong-kook is the singer of "Loveable," one of my favorite songs. It blew my mind that I can't reconcile the two different sides of Jong-kook. XD

Korean in my Jdrama? YES!

 Hammer Session: Episode 3

I'm thankful(?) that's today's Hammer Session wasn't as WTF-extreme as the previous two, and I'm a little glad that Mizuki-sensei is finally included. Plus parents and board members are getting affected too. So I'm not too disappointed that the police dept isn't too close to catching Hachisuka-sensei. Though ya know, with the skills the real Hachisuka has, it seems like he could become a real hacker/criminal at this rate!


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Proposal Daisakusen:
Episode 2

I'm liking this show more and more. Although it's got the episodic formula, there's still a strong overall plot continuing (the wedding). ! I'm hoping that these are hints that Rei-chan actually likes our fail Ken-zou. Also, I'm a big fan of jumping around time, so it better be done right, Show. The moment where is seems like Rei is "dumping" Ken better pivotal and not a throwaway scene. That said, I'm liking all the callbacks, like the marathon runner.


We can get married through coffee milk!Collapse )

Don't Hesitate

 Episodes 93-94

Wah, in this last stretch, they're really pulling all the dramatics, ne? At least there's not a dull moment. I just gotta say, Lee Jung-soo better feel very thankful. 


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My own anatomy & phys class

 Bones 6x04: "The Body in the Bounty"


A kind mind is a fine mind!Collapse )

Grey's Anatomy 7x04: "Can't Fight Biology"


You just got called a dumb blonde.Collapse )
My Girlfriend is a Gumiho: Episodes 7-8

Click for more on the adorable Mi-ho/Dae-woong pair!Collapse )