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Don't Hesitate review

First off, since I didn't start off with a proper introduction:

Don't Hesitate is about a woman who was betrayed by her first love and best friend, resulting in a memory loss and finds love again with a man who built walls around his heart. 

When we meet Jang Soo-hyun (Lee Tae-im), she is a bright and happy chef who devotes herself to love. Her long-term boyfriend, Choi Min-young (Kim Young-jae from A Love to Kill, Three Sisters), is too cowardly to stand up to his mother when she opposes his marriage to Soo-hyun. To make matters worse, his one-night stand with Soo-hyun's best friend, Oh Sun-ah (Bae Min-hee of The Man Who Can't Get Married), ends up with her being pregnant. Sun-ah, who is jealous of Soo-hyun's happiness and family, vows to do anything to keep Min-young. Meanwhile, after an unlucky encounter, Soo-hyun meets her new boss, Han Tae-woo (Lee Sang-woo from Life is Beautiful), resulting in misconceptions about each other along with their conflicting personalities. Tae-woo is the son of the president of Delishu, a baked goods company where Min-young and his mother works.

Because of Min-young's over-controlling and power-hungry mother, Lee Jung-soo (Lee Hye-sook of Glass Castle, Mr. Goodbye, Definitely Neighbors) Soo-hyun and Min-young break up. But when Min-young develops a condition in need of a liver transplant, Soo-hyun offers her own despite her own mother's, Cha Young-ran (Kim Hye-ok of I'm Sorry I Love You), objections. Although the transplant is successful, Soo-hyun falls into a coma for three years. Jung-soo and Sun-ah decide to not tell Min-young and run away to America.

Three years later, Soo-hyun wakes up to find everything changed. Her mother's business has been sold and Young-ran ends up working for the Han family as a maid. To relief of Soo-hyun's family though, Soo-hyun has forgotten everything about Min-young, including Sun-ah, and they decide to never mention Min-young again. Soo-hyun finds herself working again with Tae-woo at Delishu and the two develop romantic feelings. (squee!)

Also at this time, the Choi family return to Korea. Min-young is caught in an unhappy marriage with Sun-ah although they have a son. Jung-soo seeks to gain power in Delishu, and works to promote Min-young to CFO and marry her daughter to Tae-woo.

Naturally, this collision of people knowing/not knowing the liver transplant sets of chaos. Min-young, who is unaware of his liver donor, is still in love with Soo-hyun. Soo-hyun, who has forgotten everything, finds herself attracted to Min-young once more despite her relationship with Tae-woo. Sun-ah, who desperately wants to keep Min-young, goes to lengths to make sure Min-young never finds out. Jung-soo, who wants power, forces Tae-woo and Soo-hyun apart. And Tae-woo, when he finds out, only wishes for Soo-hyun's happiness.

And then when Soo-hyun regains her memory, she vows to seek revenge: on Min-young, who betrayed her love and then ran away after the transplant; on Sun-ah, who betrayed their friendship and seduced her boyfriend as well as hurt her mother and friend in order to keep the secret; and on Jung-soo, who sought to separate her from Tae-woo as well as taking advantage of her with her amnesia. But in doing so, she destroys herself and her chance at love with Tae-woo, although he steadfastly stays beside her. Only too late does she realize Min-young was innocent in their machinations. 

Probably the first daily drama that I've watched in its entirety. Key words: daily drama. While its episodes were only 40-ish minutes each, one thing that was consistent was the addicting allure, which kept me turning in for all 98 episodes. (Gah!) Even though the best thing of the entire drama was Tae-woo (seriously, whenever he was unhappy, I was too!) I wanted to see what would happen next. Would Soo-hyun remember in this episode? Would Tae-woo figure out that Soo-hyun and Min-young were once dating? Would Min-young man up and do the right thing? Would Young-ran get her happy ending too? Would Soo-hyun succeed in her revenge? Would Jung-soo win this round? Would Tae-woo find about about the secret? And so on.

Story-wise, plotting moved well. Slowly and eventually, but you knew we were getting somewhere. Many of the plot points that I wanted addressed appeared to my great satisfaction: Sun-ah's former boyfriend, Sun-ah's family, the Jang family gaining power to fight back, Tae-woo and Sun-ah's relationship, etc. Character-wise, their faults were too many. Soo-hyun remained oblivious as long as possible, so it was a relief to see her in revenge mode. Min-young, coward and probably as obsessed for Soo-hyun as Sun-ah was for Min-young, were traits that made it frustrating to believe Soo-hyun even loved a man like him. But hey, they kept the story moving (?)

Rating 7/10